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Based in southern NH, just one hour northwest of the hub of the universe (Boston, MA), we have traveled to projects in five states, but generally stay within 100 miles of home.

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Employee electricians, licensed in several New England states, install the complete system hardware and wiring, as well as programming and graphics.  We take responsibility for the design, startup, checkout, commissioning, documentation, and troubleshooting of the entire system.

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Elliott Controls was founded in 1987 by Glen Elliott, who had 20 years experience in the electrical and mechanical building trades.  Although Glen has moved on to Heaven, we continue his legacy of being the subject matter expert of our field as well as a trusted business partner to our customers.

You might call us small.  We prefer the term "focused."  That said, we have installed systems for single buildings as large as 650,000 sqft or for a multi-campus customer with over 1M sqft on a single building automation system platform.

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